Contraceptive Security

COPE® for Contraceptive Security (EngenderHealth/USAID, October 2013) (PDF, 1.17MB)
This new publication provides tools and processes that can help facility and district health and logistics personnel secure the supply chain by identifying threats to contraceptive security and developing novel ideas and innovative solutions to remedy or obviate those challenges. COPE® for Contraceptive Security: An Assessment Guide uses the long-established COPE® (which stands for client-oriented, provider-efficient) quality improvement process and tools to help health care providers think through every dimension of contraceptive security. The 10 contraceptive security–related self-assessment guides cover a broad range of topics, including organization and staffing, the logistics system, procurement, warehousing, transport, and budgeting. As in all COPE® products, the self-assessment exercises build a sense of teamwork, promote ownership of solutions, and provide a forum for staff and supervisors to exchange ideas.

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