Lynn Bakamjian

LB Pic FINASL1Lynn Bakamjian, MPH, is a global reproductive health consultant in New York City. She has worked for nearly four decades in over 25 countries on the assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation of programs to expand access to quality contraceptive and reproductive health services. Lynn has extensive experience on issues related to comprehensive programming, service delivery scale-up, and quality of care and informed choice with special expertise in the introduction and expansion of long-acting, reversible contraception (LARCs) and permanent methods. She provided technical support to the Bellagio Consultation on Contraceptive Choice, is a member of the team that developed the Voluntary Rights-based Family Planning Framework, co-authored the Review of Tools, and was lead writer of Programming Strategies for Postpartum Family Planning. Prior to working as a consultant, Lynn worked for EngenderHealth until 2011 where she led the global USAID ACQUIRE and RESPOND Projects. She received her MPH from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

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