Meeting the Family Planning Needs of Women and Couples Affected by HIV

Guest post by Tricia Petruney, Technical Advisor, FHI360

Like all women and men, people living with or at risk of acquiring HIV have the right to determine the number and timing of their children and to safely achieve their reproductive intentions. Yet many women and couples affected by HIV lack access to family planning (FP) services and experience disproportionately high rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion. Why is this so? One major challenge is that myths, misinformation, and stigma with regard to the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) rights of people affected by HIV continue to persist among healthcare workers.

Photo credit: FHI360
Photo credit: FHI360

Research has shown that healthcare providers often have poor knowledge, attitudes, and behavior with regard to providing contraception to clients affected by HIV. For example, they often (incorrectly) emphasize condoms as the sole FP option appropriate for these women and couples. Moreover, most do not routinely discuss the importance of dual method use, offer other more reliable contraceptive method options, or provide emergency contraception.

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